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Online counterfeiting, trademark infringement, phishing and typo squatting have created lots of issues for well-known companies that are significantly visible on the internet. The problems not only damage the brands' reputation, but also decrease the revenue. To combat those abuses, marketing, brand, legal and public relations executives spend a great deal time and efforts, but challenges are still insidious.

Beside identification of the misuse within the vastness of the internet, obtaining and managing various efficient actions are also huge obstacles.Dealing such challenges requires comprehensive Online Brand Protection platform like swissEscuro from swiss bridge consulting. swissEscuro is capable of searching the entire World Wide Web to detect the use of trademarked terms together with phrases in order to classify and notify abuses.

swissEscuro has 5 elements

  • domainEscuro : discover and address the situations that can make confusion between your own domain and the purchased domains of other businesses.
  • auctionEscuro : spotlight the counterfeits across auction sites (eBay, Alibaba) and small e-commerce sites.
  • socialEscuro : monitor both the positive and negative comments regarding to brands over various social network sites such as facebook, twitter, youtube.
  • semEscuro : track the wrong use of trademarks among search engine adverising tools such as Google AdWord, bing Ads, Microsoft adcenter
  • mobileEscuro : discover the wrong use of trademarks on application markets like Google Play, IOS app store, Windows Store, BlackBerry App World


Fakes, counterfeits, fraud, exploitation and other crimes can damage a client’s image and reputation.With our great experience in the security industry and our distinct knowledge in the field of anti-counterfeit we offer consulting services around the world particularly in South East Asia.Together with our clients we develop tailor-made security strategies to remove criminals from the client’s market and protect their brand and reputation. Therefore we analyze, monitor and audit client’s suppliers to ensure their integrity and to prevent leaks in the supply chain and production.

After finalizing a customized brand protection strategy we manage on behalf of our client the integration process to achieve a successful launch. We cooperate with a variety of suppliers to provide you the best customized solution for your brand protection.


Many years of working experience in brand protection and document security we implemented different complex projects in multicultural environments. We successfully managed to personalize ID Cards, mass serialization of consumer goods, decentralized data capturing with centralized passport production, etc. Working with solution providers well-known in this industry we customize together with our clients suitable and affordable protection for different documents.Our clients profit directly from our knowledge and experience to accomplish projects successfully.

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